Rabbi Daniel G. Zemel

Dear David and All My Wonderful Mabat Friends,
We are just back from yet another incredible Temple Micah congregational
trip to Israel that your amazing team organized for us. You are simply the
best and as far as I am concerned the only Israel travel company to use
when planning a tour to your and our amazing country. Thank you for

I wanted to add one special word this time. Despite the turmoil presented
in the newspapers, our group felt so safe. Israel, despite what one reads in
the news, continues to go about its business in the most incredible way. I
recently received this in note from a first time visitor to Israel in our group:
“I cannot thank you both enough for helping shape the wonderful trip to
Israel. As you knew, I was quite afraid before we left, but once there I felt
totally safe and embraced by the people, the land, and all of our Micah
“family” Since returning, that embrace stays with me…”

I look forward to going to work on our next congregational tour as well as
our next family visit. Thank you for it all. You really make Israel feel like

Rabbi Daniel G. Zemel
December 1, 2014