Bar/Bat Mitzvah Journey

Ideal For

Any season, family reunions, kids and adults.

Suggested Activities


Archaeological Dig

Attend a family-oriented real excavation at the Beit Guvrin Caves with an archaeological expert, and discover ancient Israeli culture.

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Camels & Horseback Riding

Experience a real nomad’s life with camel rides in the Negev desert and horseback riding along the Galilee rivers and the Mediterranean Coast.

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Helicopter Tour

Tour the Israeli sky in a helicopter, from the Negev desert to the Mountains of Galilee, from the old city of Jerusalem to the beaches of Tel Aviv, or just expedite your way in luxury.

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Historical Footprints

A journey into the rich history of this land through archeological sites, interfaith holy land tours and Israeli historical institutes.

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Jeep & ATV Rides

ATV self-drive, 4X4 adventurous visits to the Israeli countryside and wild life and more…

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Scavenger Hunt

Ready to play? Get your maps and mission packs ready, and navigate through Israeli cities, discovering the fascinating tales of Israeli streets and those who once lived there…

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Special Events & Celebrations

Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties, family reunions, an outdoor picnic on the beach, private boutique winery events, old city of Jerusalem events and more.

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Water Activities

Fun and adventurous rove along the Mediterranean coastline on a speed boat, kayaking and rafting on the Jordan River, yacht sailing, underground wet tunnel tour in Jerusalem and more.

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Celebrate your children’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah at the Western Wall (you can stay together as a family in the Southern part!), on the top of Masada, in ancient synagogues in the Galilee or wherever you desire.

Traditional and modern- make this occasion unforgettable.

Whether a Twinning ceremony at Yad Vashem, or special events with top-of-the-line catering, fireworks and more – we will provide whatever it takes to make this special for you and your child.

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