About Us

Mabat Platinum is a leading travel company for tailor-made tours in Israel. Whether spiritual, fun, romantic or educational, we let travelers from around the world enjoy their own unique experience in this exciting and beautiful land.

From ancient history's footprints and breath-taking mountain peaks through adventurous family activities, dreamy coasts, passionate culinary journeys or spa & winery exclusive tours-

We cover every single detail, so you will have the perfect experience in this intriguing country, tailored just for you.


We have been providing exclusive tours to Israel for the past 35 years, and continue to do so with an ever-growing arsenal of the finest, most professional and diverse crew in Israel.

Our experience has taught us that touring in Israel is much more than an overseas trip.

It is a unique journey for people who want to experience something special.

Why Us?


Flexible to address your every need

Planning a trip is important, but last minute changes should always be made possible! At Mabat we make it as simple and easy as can be, with real-time flexibility to handle any change or update in the tour program at any time during your trip. 

Let us take it completely off your hands.


Verified suppliers for a smooth and highest quality service

Every single one of our suppliers is trusted and verified by our own representatives.

In other words, wherever you stay, dine or travel- we've been there before to make sure the service meets the highest standards, whatever the price range.

Our tour guides, drivers, local experts and hoteliers are a part of our family, and are eager to provide you with the best service!


Unique programs exclusively designed for you

Discover other fascinating sides of Israel in your own customized tour with our special creative programs: Meet Israel's artists, participate in workshops with leading educators, talk to top journalists and military experts, meet leaders in the Israeli society and so much more.



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