Boxenhorn Family

From the moment we walked off the plane our trip to Israel was seamless. Actually it all
began well before that, when developing our family itinerary with Mabat Platinum Ltd.
Their attentiveness and patience in forming the ideal family vacation made for an easy
and reassuring adventure for my family of four; my son age 16, daughter age 13,
husband, and myself.

We were connected with the most fabulous tour guide, Ron Sinai, and Mabat
representatives, Michael Caspi and Lital Ganini constantly checked in with us
throughout our 11 day journey to make sure all our needs and expectations were as we
hoped. It’s hard to pinpoint the “best” part of our trip to Israel as there were so many
amazing experiences. But if I were to say what I think was most extraordinary, I’d have
to say as a result of Mabat’s team’s attentiveness and expertise we were able to
experience the history and culture of Israel through such unique venues allowing for all
four of us to walk away with what I believe will hold a very special place in all our hearts
for years to come.
Without hesitation I highly recommend Mabat Platinum Ltd.

The Boxenhorn Family
Dix Hills, New York