Lippman Family

Our trip to Israel was one of the best vacations we have taken in 20 years. Much of the reason is what you planned for us and the special bond we had with our tour guide Liran Gabay. Going “Home,” as Liran said, was so true for us. The way you organized the trip was fantastic. The combination of sites, museums, travel, tank troops, wine, food, etc was extraordinary. Knowing that Raya and Michael were available to us almost anytime, helping us make changes along the way was amazing customer service. It shows how much you care and was greatly appreciated.

I wanted to single out Liran who made the trip extra special.  He was so engaging and fun during long days together and was incredibly informative. It was his delivery of the information that was so passionate, and demonstrated how proud he is of Israel. He was a terrific ambassador for Mabat and Israel. As we got to know each other and our likes, we were able to adjust easily. I’m sure it wasn’t as easy for you, but it came across as easy and very flexible to us. He was the best!

Thank you, thank you for an amazing experience. WE LOVED IT!

All the best and warm regards,
John, Stacey and Danielle Lippman