Davidov Family

Dear Zeev,

It took us a few days after our return to properly process the incredible trip you designed for us in Israel. I felt compelled to formally write you a letter to express my deep appreciation for Mabat’s extraordinary efforts leading up to and during our visit. This trip had great personal importance to our family and it exceeded our extremely high expectations. We gave you a very demanding challenge; to create a “legacy trip” to Israel to celebrate a Bar Mitzvah, a 90th birthday, a 60th wedding anniversary, and to give my 14 grandchildren the context to understand Mike’s role in fighting for modern Israel. The trip had to balance a tour appropriate for 30 people ranging from ages 3 to 90 and from first time visitors to Israeli natives. Yet, somehow, every person on that tour was fully engaged; seeing many things for the first time and appreciating the key sites with a new perspective. But beyond customizing an itinerary to our unique needs, we were most impressed by your personal attention to the details of our experience during the trip. Raya was an amazing partner to work with, especially during the planning phase. She always had a solution to offer for our needs. Each activity was first class, thought through, and fully adapted to our goals. You personally ensured we got the only prime spot in the shade and touching the western wall and with seats so our 120 guests could enjoy the Bar Mitzvah in true comfort. You personally made my Grandson’s trip when you met us at the IDF base and presented him with special gifts from the 82nd Battalion. I was personally able to enjoy my family, friends, and activities because it was clear from the first day that you were focused on making sure everything was in order. This is a rare quality in all my travel experience. I should also complement our tour guide Stav. He was up to the daunting task of keeping us on schedule,adapting the tour to our specific interests (especially as he got to know us), and enriching the group with his deep and wide-ranging knowledge. Stav planned a picnic on the lawn of Latrun – where 70 years ago my husband was jailed by the British. Who could have believed that all those years later, we would enjoy a catered lunch on the same ground. He brought a personalized approach which is the same as all the experiences we had with Mabat. Mike and I are truly grateful for this trip and your efforts to make it all that we hoped for and more. Please let us know if we can return the favor in any way. We are happy to serve as a reference for Mabat or speak with any of your customers about our experience.

Thank you Zeev.
Mike & Ruth Davidov