The Golden Age Journey

Ideal For

Any season, first timers or repeated visitors, couples, groups.

Suggested Activities


Archaeological Dig

Attend a family-oriented real excavation at the Beit Guvrin Caves with an archaeological expert, and discover ancient Israeli culture.

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Culinary & Wine

Cooking classes, unique market visits with Israeli culinary experts, chocolate workshops, fine and authentic dinning, visits to boutique wineries and more.

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Everything Art

Discover Israeli graffiti in the streets of Tel Aviv, meet contemporary artists and visit galleries, secret exhibitions and unique museums, with a local artist.

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Helicopter Tour

Tour the Israeli sky in a helicopter, from the Negev desert to the Mountains of Galilee, from the old city of Jerusalem to the beaches of Tel Aviv, or just expedite your way in luxury.

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Historical Footprints

A journey into the rich history of this land through archeological sites, interfaith holy land tours and Israeli historical institutes.

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Home Hospitality

Meet local Israelis in their homes over traditional or casual dinner. From a Druze village to the Kibbutz, enjoy various Israeli local hospitalities.

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People to People

Meet the people of Israel and discuss Israeli reality and life with local families, minorities, military experts, artists, journalists and more.

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The Christian Holy Land

A spiritual experience in the holy locations of ancient Christianity. Experience the pilgrimage journey, baptism in the Jordan River and the holy sites in Jerusalem and Jaffa, tour around the Sea of Galilee and visit Bethlehem.

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This is a wonderful opportunity for those seeking to enjoy a comfortable, fascinating journey into the heart and soul of the Israeli land and people.

Experience Israel’s niches and traditions, enjoy its architectural richness and learn about its complexities.

Follow the Jerusalem’s seamline, meet military experts, journalists and academics and enjoy the variety of local religions.

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